Author Susan Gillard once again takes her fans into Hillside, Texas where bakery owner/private investigator Heather Shepherd is donut deep in yet another murder that she has to solve.

Animal poacher, Jimmy Bob Jones (JB for short), is found dead in his home bitten by a coral snake. But this was no accident. The snake did not somehow find an open hold to crawl into the home, it was put there by someone who stole the snake from the Sunny Hill Pet Store. Needless to say JB had a lot of enemies at Hillside including pet store owner Sofia Lopez, dog show judge Penelope Walsh, and Jamie Perdue who is Sofia’s assistant at the pet store.

While investigating the murder, heather’s husband, Detective Ryan Shepherd found a woman’s footprint by JB’s house. Does this mean a woman is the murderer or a man with a small foot, or any other possibility?

Have no fear, Heather is on the case along with her best friend Amy Givens. If anyone can find the culprit they can.

“Iced Pumpkin Murder” is the 26th book in author Susan Gillard’s donut hole mystery series and this is another good installment. There’s an interesting murder that Heather has to solve and we also see some changes happening with other characters.

Geoff Lawless seems to be trying to help Heather by telling her what his sister is up to but fans might wonder if Geoff has really changed his spots. And is Amy going to end up with a new boyfriend? One never knows.

Life goes on in Hillside, as long as you can stay away from all the murders that happen there. But without them where would Heather be and where would fans of this series be without Heather?

Enjoy this newest novel in this long running series.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”


2 thoughts on “Iced Pumpkin Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery by Susan Gillard

    1. The author, Susan Gillard, has a huge following with her donut mystery books. The mysteries aren’t violent and the characters are entertaining. And then there are those donuts. Thanks for posting. 🙂

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