Donut maker and bakery owner, Heather Shephard, has just come up with a new donut delight that she calls double chocolate pistachio. Double chocolate and pistachios are a perfect combination and the customers in her bakery, Donut Delights, agree wholeheartedly. But as soon as Heather comes up with a new tasty treat it seems like a new murder happens in her hometown of Hillside, Texas and once again that has happened.

Heather and all the other bakers in town are preparing for The Hillside Annual Bake-Off and her main competitor is none other than Kate Laverne. The two women do not get along and to top it off, Kate’s brother is Geoff Lawless, Heather’s nemesis. But Heather and her best friend and assistant, Amy Givens, plan on beating all the competitors and walking away with the win.

When Heather and Amy take a look at the bake-off site the day before the competition they meet Tina Laurent, a reporter for a news station. Everyone is excited to find out that the competition will be televised. But Tina soon stalks off when she and her cameraman, Mike Martin, get into an argument about the owner of the television network, George Rockwell.

Two hours later Heather learns from her husband, Police Detective Ryan Shepherd, that Tina has been murdered, strangled with her laptop cord, in her hotel room.

Once again the Hillside Police Department asks Heather to help investigate. The first place she goes is to the scene of the crime, the hotel room, where she finds a pearl earring near the edge of the bed. But is it Tina’s earring or someone else’s? Could this be a piece of evidence leading to the killer?

At this moment Heather has two suspects, the cameraman, Mike Martin and the network owner, George Rockwell. But there’s a woman suspect too, Lottie Jameson. Lottie and Tina were old high school friends so why would she kill Tina? For that matter why would the cameraman and the network owner kill the reporter? Heather has some hard investigating to do to bring the murderer to justice.

“Double Chocolate Pistachio Murder” by Susan Gillard is the 27th book in this donut hole cozy mystery series. Like the previous 26 books, this one is very entertaining with an interesting murder. All the characters appear in every book so fans get to find out how their lives are going. We also get to see a personal side of Heather that incorporates her husband Ryan and their young, pre-teen daughter, Lilly, not to mention her donut-loving dog, Dave.

Reading one of these stories is relaxing and a good way to spend a cold, gloomy, day. Pick up a copy of “Double Chocolate Pistachio Murder”and find a comfy couch to relax in and visit Hillside, Texas as Heather solves another murder.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”


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