It’s almost Christmas in Hillside, Texas but before the gift-giving can begin Heather Shepherd, owner of Donut Delights, has her birthday to celebrate. This is her Birthday Week and Heather doesn’t really want a big deal made of it but her friends and family have something else in mind. They are not going to let their Queen of Donuts’ birthday pass without doing something special.

Amy Givens is Heather’s best friend and she wants to do something extraordinary to celebrate – skydiving! Skydiving? Heather wants nothing to do with that but agrees to go to Just Jump It Skydiving with Amy to check the place out but if Amy thinks Heather is going to put on a parachute she has another thing coming.

As the get to the establishment they see what looks like clothes lying on the ground. Once they get close enough to investigate they find that it’s a woman’s body on the ground and she died because her parachute didn’t open when she was skydiving.

Hillside Police Detective and Heather’s husband, Ryan Shepherd, is already on the premises and explains that the dead woman, Kiki Folger, was in her 20’s, and it looks like her parachute was tampered with. Yet another murder has found its way to Hillside. Once again Heather, as a private investigator, will help her husband and the police department find who murdered the young woman.

Of course there are lots of suspects including Kiki’s 18 year old sister Laura Folger, who is called Lollipop; Joe Gankin the owner of Just Jump It Skydiving; Kiki’s father, Henry Folger; the people who were supposed to have checked Kiki’s parachute before she jumped, her mother, Helena; and the skydiving instructor, Vaughn.

As Heather and Amy investigate they find out that Kiki was not well liked so anyone could have tampered with the parachute cords that ended with her death. But Heather will find out who ended Kiki’s life.

Peppermint Glazed Murder is the 28th book in author Susan Gillard’s popular Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Book Series 28. Just like the previous 27 books this is an easy, fun, read and a great way to spend a few hours.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”


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