Christmas has just about come to Hillside, Texas home to donut baker, Heather Shepherd. The staff at her bakery, Donut Delights, are busy serving and making tasty treats for the community. But things are never easy for Heather. She’s a bakery owner, a mom, a wife, a baker, and a private investigator who helps the Hillside Police Department solve murders along with her husband, police Detective, Ryan Shepherd.

So of course another murder has come to her town and worse yet, the person killed, gossip Sharon Janis, was murdered by a hit and run driver and the car was owned by Heather! Thank goodness Heather has lots of witnesses proving that she was not Sharon’s murderer but she still has to figure out who the killer is.

Sharon Janis was not well-liked in Hillside. She was a gossip and was always telling tales about everyone. She knew what was going on in all of their lives and wasn’t above talking about it. Still, no one should kill another person no matter how mean they were in life.

Just before she was hit by the car, Sharon was in Donut Delights arguing with another woman, Jane Leon. Jane was accusing Sharon of ruining Jane’s son, Mark’s, life. Sharon claimed that Mark was stealing from the car dealership he worked at.

Shortly after the argument, Sharon was killed by Heather’s car. Could Jane have stolen Heather’s car to murder Sharon? And just who was Jane Anyway?

When Heather was finally able to get her car back from the police she smelled cigarette smoke in it. Neither Heather no Ryan smokes or any of her friends so the murderer had to be a smoker.

As Heather continues to investigate she discovers that Jane Leon was Sharon Janis’ sister. Why would Sharon accuse her own nephew, Mark, of being a thief and would Jane kill her own sister?

But Jane and Mark aren’t the only suspects on Heather’s list. George Alvarez, owner of Uncle George’s Pre-Owned Cars, the car dealership where Mark worked was on her list as well. Sharon was telling some tales about George and claimed that George was going to fire Mark. George was also a pro at hot wiring cars so he might have been the one who stole Heather’s car and killed Sharon.

Who was the culprit and were there other suspects in Hillside? Once again, Heather, with her trusty best friend, Amy Givens, will keep looking for clues until they find the bad guy.

“Hot Chocolate Glazed Murder” by Susan Gillard is the 29th book in her  Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series. This book is a fun, easy read, and a joy to get into. There’s nothing like sitting on a comfy couch getting involved in a new Heather Shepherd mystery while eating a donut, a hot chocolate glazed one in this case.

Like the previous 28 books this one is just as entertaining and readers of the series will enjoy meeting the usual characters who haunt Donut Delights. I just hope Ms. Gillard won’t kill off all her wonderful characters. Fans want to make sure that most of them will remain safe even if they are annoying.

Have fun reading these books, that’s what they’re there for.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”


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