This is a fun little book with three Christmas stories by three of my favorite authors. I had the book on hold at the library for months until it finally came to me which happened to be Christmas week. What luck!

EGGNOG MURDER by LESLIE MEIER is first up. Lucy Stone and all the residents at Tinkers Cove are horrified when some bad eggnog turns up as a gift, supposedly, from the Real Beard Santa Club. When someone drinks some of it at Lucy’s newspaper’s party and immediately dies, Lucy knows she has to find out what was in the eggnog, who was really meant to drink it, and who sent this alleged gift. No one is drinking any more eggnog until all questions are answered and Lucy, professional newspaper investigator that she is, will be the one to find the criminal and bring him, or her, to justice.

DEATH BY EGGNOG by LEE HOLLIS is the second story. Newspaper food columnist,  Hayley Powell, is investigating the poisoning of Bar Harbor’s librarian, Agatha Farnsworth. No one in Bar Harbor really cared much for Agatha in all the many years that she ran the town’s library. Hayley herself still has bad memories of Agatha yelling at her when she was a child for talking too loud in the library. The whole town knew that Agatha had various food allergies, including a nut allergy. Someone intentionally made some eggnog with nut milk, purposely labeled it incorrectly, and got Agatha to drink some which caused her immediate death. But who? Haley, since her children would be away from home for Christmas, has plenty of time on her hands and plans to help find the murderous culprit and discover the reason for their dastardly deed.

NOGGED OFF by BARBARA ROSS is the third tale in this mini Christmas anthology. Julia Snowden goes back to New York City to get the rest of the things she left at her apartment when she moved back to her family home in Busman’s Harbor, Maine. Imogen Geinkes was supposed to continue subletting Haley’s apartment but Imogen left her job because she served her fellow employees some bad eggnog at the Christmas party and the whole office ended up at the emergency room. Now Imogen has no money, no job, and nowhere to go so Julia invites her back to Bar Harbor for Christmas. But Julia notices some strange things about Imogene as they drive back to Maine and she really gets suspicious when Imogene’s ex boyfriend shows up murdered near the town. Julia doesn’t like this one bit and doesn’t trust Imogene. All she can do is help investigate and figure out why Imogene’s boyfriend was killed and what is going on with Imogene.

“Eggnog Murder” is a nice book to read to top off your holiday season. Fans of these authors will recognize all the characters and if you haven’t read any of the books this will be a good introduction to them. Just, kind of, stay away from the eggnog. It seems to be one dangerous drink.


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