Kelly Whitecastle has a special talent, she can see and speak to the dead. Sounds like an old movie, right? But Kelly can really do it and it isn’t surprising. Her mom, Emma Whitecastle, can also see and speak to the dead and Emma’s mother has that talent too. It must be a family trait.

One day when Kelly was in her local coffee shop, Tanisha Costello, a reporter, approaches her and says that she needs Kelly’s help. Tanisha had seen Kelly before and saw a spirit, or something like it, hovering around Kelly. The spirit is Kelly’s great, great, great, great, (lots of greats) grandmother who everyone calls Granny Apples, Granny for short. Tanisha is somewhat able to see or sense ghosts but not the way Kelly can.

Kelly learns that Tanisha believes that a ghost is haunting her apartment and for some reason is making Tanisha feel sick. Granny explains that ghosts can’t physically harm the living but if the ghost is depressed the living person they’re haunting becomes depressed also. The ghost can get into the living person’s mind as a way of letting people know what is going on with the ghost.

At first Kelly didn’t want anything to do with Tanisha and the spirit haunting her but Granny persuaded, well, more like demanded, that Kelly help the young reporter out.

Tanisha and Kelly soon become friends and they discover that the ghost haunting Tanisha is a young woman who was murdered. Now all Kelly, Tanisha, and Granny have to do is to figure out who the ghost is, why she was murdered, and why is she haunting Tanisha. Not so hard, right?

I’m a huge fan of Sue Ann Jaffarian and especially love her Odelia Grey Mystery series but I enjoy her Granny Apples books too. Granny Apples is a feisty ghost who enjoys television and football. Of course she discovered all of this well after she died when she started hanging around with Kelly’s mom Emma and the rest of the family.

Granny also likes helping Emma and now Kelly, solve murders and, let’s face it, having a ghost who can check up on things on the “other side” is only a plus when solving a murder mystery.

The Silent Ghost” is a short novella, maybe 100 pages. I easily got through it in a little over an hour. It was funny and held my interest. Kelly has been a mainstay in the Granny Apples Series and it’s kind of nice to see how she’s doing living alone while going to college, 3,000 miles away from her mom and home state of California. And now that her mom is teaching her how to deal with the ghosts might make some good backstories and more novellas for the series. Granny mostly hangs out with mom Emma but she does take a side trip to Kelly to make sure the girl is doing okay.

I’d like to see more of Kelly’s adventures and hope that Ms. Jaffarian brings Tanisha in as semi regular.

Nothing to be afraid of here, guys, all the ghosts we meet are friendly enough, sort of, and you won’t be kept up at night wondering if Granny, or your great, great, great, great, (whatever) grandmother is haunting you.

Any of Ms. Jaffarian’s two series are cute cozy-like books, that will surely entertain you.

Read my other reviews of Sue Ann’s books on her page on my blog.



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