Life isn’t perfect in sunny California just ask ex detective and now private investigator, Jeremiah Jones. Years earlier when he came back from the army he was homeless and lived on the streets of LA but was lucky enough to get a job with the police department. Now as a retired cop he does his best to help others who are in the same terrible living situation as he once was.

Dwayne Burkett, known on Skid Row as Bucket, is elderly and he’s totally out of it because of alcohol and his horrible life. The only thing that seems to keep him calm is his little dog who is very old and looks like he will die very soon.

Lately Bucket seems to be more out of it than usual. He says that the ghost of another street person, Mistletoe Mary, is dead and her ghost is haunting him saying that she was murdered. No one believes Bucket and just assumes that he’s has been drinking way too much. But Jeremiah Jones does believe that something odd is going on and a ghost just might be involved.

Jeremiah has a unique talent. He can see and speak to ghosts like his friend, Emma Whitecastle. The two met on a previous case where a ghost was haunting a restaurant and they soon became friends. Jeremiah has also had the pleasure of meeting Emma’s great, great, great, grandmother, Ish Reynolds, also known as Granny Apples, Granny for short. Granny has been haunting and helping Emma, who also dabbles in investigating murders, for years.

Jeremiah isn’t sure if Mistletoe Mary is really dead and starts asking other people who live on the street if they’ve seen Mary recently. No one has and now Jeremiah does believe that someone has killed her and that her ghost is indeed asking Bucket to help her. But why would Mary go to Bucket and not someone who isn’t a little out of his head? Jeremiah doesn’t know but he wants to find out what’s going on and to also help Mary rest in peace. With the help of Granny Apples, and a few other friends, Jeremiah starts investigating the murder.

“The Ghost of Mistletoe Mary” by Sue Ann Jaffarian is a novella based on her amusing Granny Apples Series. It’s wonderful to see Granny leave her great, great, great, granddaughter, Emma, every once in awhile to help other people who can see and hear her. Granny loves solving murders especially the stakeouts.  

There are a few Granny Apples novellas and they’re all as interesting and as much fun as the longer Emma Whitecastle series. They’re short and can easily be finished in one day if you need something good to read before your next 300 page novel. Give one of them a try when you have a free few hours in your busy life.

Read my other reviews of Sue Ann’s books on her page on my blog.


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