Medium and ghost whisperer, Emma Whitecastle, is in Las Vegas but not for fun, entertainment, or gambling. Her friend and mentor, Milo Ravenscroft, is there to give a speech about being a medium. His mother, Dolly Meskiel who lives in Las Vegas and, in her youth, was a showgirl, tells Milo that she thinks one of her light bulbs is haunted by a spirit. She calls it Lenny the Light Bulb. Since Dolly makes Milo very nervous and doesn’t believe he can communicate with the dead she asks him to bring in Emma to find out why the ghost is haunting her light bulb.

Emma discovers that Lenny Speidel, a Las Vegas gangster from the 60’s and Dolly’s old flame, is the ghost. Back in the early 60’s Lenny and his boss, Nemo Morehouse, stole a million dollars from one of the casinos. Lenny grabbed the money and hid it. Nemo’s “boy’s” were told to find out from Lenny where the money was hidden but they ended up killing him instead.

Dolly visited Nemo in the nursing home the same day Emma meets her. Nemo dies that same day and the police wonder if Dolly killed him since she was the last person to see him alive. Then Dolly goes missing. She was kidnapped by men who want to know where the money from the 50 year-old robbery was hidden. But the only person who knows the answer to that is Lenny and he’s not ready to tell.

Nemo, now a ghost, appears to Emma and tells her that if she doesn’t find out from Lenny where the money is he will make sure Dolly is killed by the men who kidnapped her. He wants Emma to be the medium between him and the kidnappers so when Lenny tells Emma she can relate where the hidden money is located. Of course Emma refuses so Nemo has to find another medium to do the job.

Now Emma, her ghostly great, great great, grandmother, Ish Reynolds, better known as Granny Apples, Granny for short, and a whole slew of others, living and dead, have to find out where the stolen money is, save Dolly from the kidnappers, and get Nemo is go to the other side and rest in peace. This is not going to be easy.

“Ghost of a Gamble” by Sue Ann Jaffarian is the fourth in A Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery Series. All the usual characters are here helping Emma solve murder cases, talking to spirits, and trying to persuade others to believe that Emma can really see and speak to the dead.

This installment is as much fun as the previous books including the shorter novella’s about Granny’s adventures without Emma. The plot line is interesting and intriguing and far from boring. Try any of the books and you’ll find yourself hooked.
Read my other reviews of Sue Ann’s books on her page on my blog.


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