“Another week, another murder,” muses Heather Shepherd owner of Hillside, Texas’ Donut Delights Bakery. You may wonder why she’s worrying about Hillside’s latest murder. She cares because Heather is not only a talented baker but also an incredible Private Investigator and is a consultant for the Hillside Police Department whenever a murder happens and that seems to happen on a weekly basis.

Heather and her husband, Hillside Police Detective, Ryan Shepherd, are having a rare night out together. They’re at the opening night of  the Keleman Cinematic Theater. Heather is decked out to the nines and very excited that she and her husband are there. The movie is “The Woman in Shadows” which sounds like a great detective mystery. Just as the credits start to roll a bang rings out and a man staggers into the theater by an open side door which leads to the parking lot. He stumbles onto the stage gripping the left side of his shirt shouting “You’ll pay for it all.” He falls onto the stage and dies from a bloody stabb wound. The New Year has just begun and already there’s another murder in Hillside.

Ryan and Heather find out that the murder victim is Peter Boston. The stabbing happened outside the theater doors and since the most of the crowd ran out of the theater through that door all the evidence was destroyed.

Edgar Keleman, owner of the theater, was in the projection room running the movie so he wasn’t outside and didn’t see anything. Edgar did admit that he knew Peter Boston and that they had a friendly rivalry going on but he certainly didn’t hate the man.

As Heather and Ryan were talking to Edgar Heather notices a dagger attached to a plaque which is nailed to the wall. Keleman explains that it’s the Keleman family dagger and neither the dagger nor the plaque can come off the wall. Heather thinks that this dagger might be the murder weapon but isn’t sure.

Ryan and Heather search the theater and discover that the murdered man, Peter Boston, was living in the theater. His clothes and other personal items were in the room.

Within a few hours the theater is burned to the ground and Heather wonders if it’s a case of arson and wonders if Peter was hiding something that would cause problems for another person. She has to investigate and find some suspects.

Peter Boston’s soon to be ex wife, Mona Pestrov, is definitely on her list. Peter refused to sign the divorce papers so maybe Mona killed him. Then there’s Mona’s friend Col Owen, the owner of Owen Tea Shop. Owen and Mona were definitely more than just friends so it’s possible that Owen killed Peter so Mona would be free to be with him. Mona’s lawyer, Herman Schulz might also be on Heather’s list along with historian, Anya Katz who is writing a book about the founders of Hillside and has been asking Mona a lot of questions about Peter Boston. And theater owner Edgar Keleman is also someone to suspect.

As if her hands weren’t full enough with this investigation Heather learns that her sales at the bakery are falling and she has no idea why. Donut Delights was very busy during the previous month. Another thing on Hetaher’s mind is that her best friend and assistant, Amy Givens, is acting strange. There’s too much going on and Heather has quite a bit to think about.

“Neapolitan Delight Murder” by Susan Gillard is the 33rd installment of her Donut Hole Mystery Series and this is just as entertaining as the previous books. It’s short, easy to read, no violence, and a good way to spend a relaxing afternoon. If you enjoy the series this 33rd edition will not disappoint and if you haven’t read any give this one a try.

To see other reviews of Susan‘s books see Susan’s section on my blog.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”


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