Kelly Whitecastle has a different type of gift, she can see and speak to dead people and the spirits seek her out when they need help.

Chris May is one of Kelly’s old friends. While she went to college he became a fairly good ventriloquist. His two most popular dummies are Shirley and Doug. Chris had the dummies made to look like his dead grandparents, Shirley and Doug Pearson.

While at a mutual friend’s party where Chris was entertaining with Shirley Kelly noticed a glint in Shirley’s eyes. Since most dummy’s eyes are made of wood and don’t tend to glint Kelly realized that the dummy was haunted. When she was finally able to get some alone time with the dummy Shirley appeared and said that she and her dead husband, Doug, was afraid that someone was out to hurt Chris, their grandson.

Chris owns a company with his boyfriend, Edgar. Edgar made the dummies and was slowly becoming the person who ventriloquists sought out so they could order custom-made ones.

Where there’s one ghost there’s sure to be another in the form of Ish Reynolds, Kelly’s great, great, great, great grandmother. Ish is better known as Granny Apples, Granny for short. Granny and Kelly decide to get Kelly’s mom, Emma Whitecastle, involved. Emma has been seeing, hearing, and helping lost spirits for quite a while and is much better at discovering what the ghosts need.

When Kelly and Emma go to visit Chris at his home they discovered him in the back yard laying on the ground. He said he fell and hit his head but neither Kelly nor Emma believed that. When Edgar comes home he said that “Snoop Dog” who is really, Sylvia Doxson, their elderly nosy neighbor who lives across the street, told him that an ambulance was at his house. Edgar wanted Chris to go to the hospital but Chris refused. Kelly and Emma are suspicious when they see a look that the two men gave each other.

Mother and daughter then visit “Snoop Dog”, whoops, I mean Miss Doxson. The woman said that someone has been breaking into Edgar and Chris’ home and that she thinks there has been a murder there too but no one believes her, not even the police.

Everyone, ghosts and live people alike, think that Edgar and Chris are hiding something and in order to protect them everyone plans to help Emma and Kelly investigate.

“Dummy of a Ghost” by Sue Ann Jaffarian is a novella in the Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery Series. It’s a short fun read that includes all the usual characters from the longer novels. Even Phil, Emma’s boyfriend is involved.

The book is only about 100 pages and can easily be read in a few hours or less. This series is violence free and a harmless read.

I enjoy all of Ms. Jaffarian’s books and series and always waiting for the next novel she’ll release.

Read my other reviews of Sue Ann’s books on her page on my blog.


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