Something odd is going on in Little Heaven, New Mexico. Three mercenaries were hired by a woman, Ellen, to find her sister’s son. Her sister is in jail and the husband took their son to Little Heaven, a small community of religious fanatics who live in a small encampment in the woods.

When Ellen and her hired help find Little Heaven they also discover a whole lot more. Something is living in the woods surrounding it. Something that is far from human or animal and can be best be described as monsters. And human monsters reside at Little Heaven too, in the guise of it’s religious leader.

Before the inhabitants realize it, their possible paths to freedom are becoming less and less. There’s also a monolith called Black Rock that has some kind of pull on the children. Nothing good about Little Heaven or its surroundings. There’s a lot to be afraid of here and if you try to leave you will see what this evil can, and will, do to you.

“Little Heaven” by Nick Cutter is a pretty good book if you like horror, violence, and lots of blood. I’m not a real fan of violence and blood but I do like a good horror story and Mr. Cutter gives us that.

The novel reminds me of Stephen King’s “It.” Yes many reviewers have said the same thing but it’s true. If you add in some Dean Koontz at his most violent you have described “Little Heaven.”

Running at about 500 pages there were some slow preachy spots in it that talk about love of a person, yada, yada, yada. Not for me, but once you get past those areas the story is fine. It’s full of suspense and there are times when you can’t turn the pages fast enough to see what happens next.

“Little Heaven” is not for the squeamish and certainly not for readers who are afraid of the monsters that live under your bed, and we all know that monsters do live there. But if you like Stephen King, Joe Hill, and a little Cormac McCarthy this might be a perfect read for you.


4 thoughts on “Little Heaven by Nick Cutter

  1. This is one of the more positive reviews I have seen for this title. I am glad it worked for you! I am not familiar with the author’s work, but many have told me this is not his finest. But if it is comparable to The Stand meets Koontz, it might work for me.

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    1. This was the first book of Cutter’s that I’ve read. I also saw reviews saying that it isn’t his best but I did like it. The book is more like King’s “It” than “The Stand” and I thought it was a good horror story. I’ve looked at four libraries trying to download another of his books like “The Troop” but I can’t find it. Since Nick Cutter is a pen name maybe I’ll look for something he wrote with his real name or another pen name. If you like horror then I’d suggest you go for this one, but it is very violent and bloody. Hope you enjoy it.

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