Heather Shepherd and best friend, Amy Givens, are very excited about their joint venture with Col Owen. Heather’s bakery and Col’s tea shop plan on having a Tea and Donuts Fair for their hometown of Hillside, Texas. Now they just have to figure out a date for it and Col wants the fair to be very soon because he wants to propose to his girlfriend, Mona Petrov. But there’s a little problem. Heather’s nemesis, Kate Laverne, wants her bakery included. That’s the last thing that Heather, Amy, and Col will agree to and Kate threatens them.

Kate isn’t the only problem with setting things up for up the fair; another murder has happened and Heather has to investigate and solve it.

Librarian, Helena Chadwick, was crushed by a bookshelf when it fell on her. Eva Schneider, Heather’s best and favorite customer, was at the library when the murder happened and is now a witness to the event. Helena worked at the library for only a week and not much was known about her except that she moved to Hillside from Dallas.

When looking at the fallen bookshelf Heather noticed that there were scratches on it, as if someone used a crowbar to tip it over causing it and another bookshelf to fall on the librarian. There weren’t any witnesses except for Eva who didn’t really see anything and another man who was sitting in the back in an alcove. Heather knew that nothing of the library could be seen there.

Eva did say that she spotted a man with a mohawk hanging out in front of the library. He looked suspicious to her but she didn’t know who he was. The other librarian, Martha Rizzo, said she heard the crash but didn’t see anything. After asking Martha more questions Heather found out that Martha didn’t like Helena and believed she had a shady past. Heather was thinking that might be true too. Helena had a diamond tennis bracelet on her wrist when she was killed and the outline of a ring on her finger. How could a librarian afford a tennis bracelet and a ring on her salary? And where was the missing ring? Heather spotted a diamond ring on Martha’s finger and thought that there just might be a connection.

Things get even more suspicious when Heather finds out that a jewelry  store, Krakowski’s, was recently robbed. The owner, Jones Krakowski, said someone broke into his store and took a lot of merchandise.

Heather and Amy asked him if he knew the victim and he said he did. He accused Helena of being the person who robbed his store. He said he didn’t know who killed her but said he didn’t and used his wife as an alibi. Mrs. Krakowski confirmed that her husband was with her. She wasn’t feeling well and he was there to give her some medicine.

So who murdered the librarian? Could it be the jeweler because he thought Helena robbed his store? Maybe it was the other librarian, Martha, who didn’t like her co worker, or was it that strange man with the mohawk who was hanging around outside the library when the victim was killed?

No need to fear,people of Hillside, Heather is on the case and will somehow solve this latest murder.

“Pecan Nut Crunch Murder” is the 35th Donut Hole Cozy Mystery by author Susan Gillard and it’s a fun, fast read like all the past installments in this series. It only takes an hour or so to read and it leaves you satisfied especially if you eat a donut or two, or three while you solve the latest murder along with Heather and Amy. The characters are likable and friendly and Heather’s donuts can’t be beat. Read any of the books in the series and like Heather’s donuts, you’ll be hooked.

To see other reviews of Susan‘s books see Susan’s section on my blog.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”



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