Honestly, not too much here. “Stung” by Alec John Johnson is a short story that leaves you hanging.

Some strange insects that are kind of like bees, but larger and blue in color, got into the country by a ship that came into Florida. The bees get out, start stinging people who then die a miserable, painful death and then the victims turn blue.

A woman is alone in her apartment with her son when she hears a news report telling the people in her area of Florida not to go out because of the killer bees. Her husband is at work and she has to protect herself and her son.

Suddenly she hears a buzzing sound and sees that one of these strange bees got into her apartment. After some close calls with the killer bee she gets out with her son, runs to her car, and drives off onto I-95.

And then what? I don’t know. The story ends there. Really I’m not giving the story away. I knew that somehow the mother and son would get out unharmed. But it was kind of exciting reading how they escaped. I would have liked to have read a little more about the situation. Like what happened to the bees. Does cold weather kill them? Are these insects on their way to New York because if they are I better buy a case load of insect spray killer.

The story left me wanting more and unsatisfied. It has a good premise but no follow through.


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