Finally the Hillside Tea and Donut Fair 2017 is ready to happen and Heather Shepherd and her assistants at her bakery, Donut Delights, are working hard to make sure there’s plenty of treats for the hungry mob that will certainly be at the fair. But this is Hillside, Texas and it’s a new week and we all know what seems to happen every week. Yep, another murder.

This time their are two victims and it looks like they shot each other but Heather’s husband, Police Detective, Ryan Shepherd, thinks that something is off at the crime scene. He feels that the evidence was tampered with. Ryan knows that his wife is busy with the Tea and Donut Fair but he needs her private investigator skills to help him and asks if she can meet him at the crime scene, The Forest near South Bosque River.

The murdered men are Gerard Furrows and Charlie Pole, both independent contractors. Charlie had lived in Hillside and Gerard had lived in town for only a month.

Heather and Ryan had some ideas as to why they killed each other or were murdered by another person, but it’s all speculation. There was one witness who heard gunshots and there were two distinct bullet holes through each man’s heart. It would seem as if the two men fired at each other at the same exact moment except that a bullet hole was found in  nearby tree.

Why were the two men fighting and was this a deul that they planned? Heather, even though she’s busy with the Tea and Donut Fair, has to investigate.

The most interesting thing Heather discovers is a treasure map that Gerard Furrows was in possession of when he was killed and, according to Charlie Pole’s wife, Julie, Charlie was very interested in it too. Now what kind of treasure could be hidden in Hillside that would cause two men to kill each other?

There are quite a few suspects that Heather and her best friend and private investigator in training, Amy Givens, have to question as they sort out the murder.

Adding to their problems is Kate Laverne, another baker who threatened Heather because Heather and Col Owen, owner of the tea shop and collaborator of the Teas and Donut Fair, wouldn’t allow Kate to sell the donuts from her bakery at the Fair. Kate has followed through with her threats and now the Donut Delights bakers have to deal with the problems that Kate caused along with figuring out what was going on with the two murdered men.

“Toasted Coconut Murder” is the 36th installment of Susan Gillard’s A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series. This book has a few nice twists in the story which will thrill the fans of this series. And of course there’s a new donut for Amy and Dave, Heather’s dog, to nosh on to keep their strength up. All the usual wonderful characters return to help give suggestions on how to solve the murder.

This yet another good story that cozy lovers will enjoy. Grab a donut and some tea, relax for an hour or so, and settle down in a comfy chair and visit Heather and the gang on their new murderous adventure.

To see other reviews of Susan‘s books see Susan’s section on my blog.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”



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