Heather Shepherd, owner of bakery Donut Delights in Hillside, Texas, is busy planning her daughter Lilly’s 12th birthday party and has no time to help investigate a murder but fans of this series know that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

The superintendent of a building has gone missing and so has his two little dogs. No one knows where he or the pups are. No one can find the man’s body but the police are almost positive that a murder has occurred. There are blood stains near a window in his apartment and Heather’s husband, Police Detective Ryan Shepherd, is sure that the man has been killed and asks his wife to help investigate as the consultant to the Hillside Police Department.

As Heather and her best friend, Amy Givens who is a P.I. in training, look into the murder they find two people in the building who complained about the super’s two barking dogs. But is it possible that one of them hates the dogs so much that they would kill the man and the animals just to stop the noise?

They also find a woman who claims to be the dead man’s long lost daughter and says that she’s entitled to his estate but is she really his daughter and if she is did she kill the man to get his money? And how much money could this superintendent possibly have?

Heather and Amy have a lot to look into and there’s still Lilly’s birthday party to plan and figuring out what gift the girl would like. Oh well, just another week in the life of Heather Shepherd.

“Birthday Sprinkle Murder” is the 37th book in author Susan  Gillard’s A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery series and the author’s huge fan base will adore this installment as much as the previous 36 books. Like the rest of the donut hole cozies this is a fast, fun read loaded with murder, fun, and lots of donuts. If you’re a fan this is one not to be missed.
To see other reviews of Susan‘s books see Susan’s section on my blog.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”




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