I can honestly say that my cousin Marty is the most spiritual person I know. He’s a firm believer in God and prays to Him every single day. Marty doesn’t just pray for himself and his family but for all people. Followers of my blog know that I have a very good friend who has cancer and is not doing very well. Every time I speak to Marty, which is every day, he always asks me how my friend is doing and assures me that she is in his prayers. I know without a doubt that this is true.

Cousin Marty, like everyone I assume, has gone through a lot of things in his life. He fought and survived living in the Projects when he was a teen; survived being hit on the head by a tree branch after Hurricane Sandy; and survived after sinking in some quicksand while he was walking along the Dead Sea in Israel. He’s told me many of his adventures.

He’s also an award winning filmmaker, some of his videos I’ve posted on this blog. Every one of his films is inspirational, well, except for his Hat Man video which is really cute.

Marty believes in “paying it forward” so he does what he can to help whoever needs it. Marty, has received help from strangers too.

Here are two of his videos that he made hoping that they will inspire us to give hope and aid to people we know and especially to those we don’t.

In this first video, “Marty Miracles: Bus Driver”, Marty talks about a bus driver who helped him when he needed it.


“In Full Moon” Marty comments on human nature.


I hope these two videos help inspire you to do some good and to learn a little more about my Cousin Marty.

Please take a look at all of Marty’s videos and stories by going to Marty’s section in my blog.


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