Another Valentine’s Day has arrived and Sarah Booth Delaney still isn’t married. Heck, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend but she does have a few men interested in her and she’s okay with that. Who isn’t okay with her lack of a man is her best friend Tinkie Bellcase Richmond and Sarah Booth’s live in haint, Jitty.

Tinkie is hosting a big Valentine’s Day Party and the featured attraction is going to be a stud-like Cupid who’ll be shooting arrows of love into everyone, especially into Sarah Booth. Sarah Booth doesn’t want to hang around but she can never say no to Tinkie so she agrees to at least see Cupid. But when Cupid appears he’s not the stud Tinkie had advertised. This Cupid is short and hairy, think Louis Mustillo who played Vince on the television show “Mike and Molly” wearing a diaper.

But this hairy Cupid is filled with magic. Not only are his arrows of love working but he has somehow magically stolen jewelry from the guests and expensive items from Tinkie’s home. Hey, this is no Cupid but a crook! And where is the hunky Cupid? Tinkie paid $900 for him to show up in a diaper and he’s nowhere in sight. It’s a good thing Sarah Booth did stay for the party after all.

Sarah and Tinkie are partners in the Sarah Booth Delaney Detective Agency and they are good at their job and always finds the bad guy even if they and their friends might get injured while they investigate.

It didn’t take long for Sarah Booth to find hunky Cupid. He was bopped over the head and left unconscious outside in the cold Mississippi winter with nothing on but his diaper. But who hurt hunky Cupid? Since little hairy Cupid is no where to be found Sarah figures that hairy Cupid knows a lot about the injured Cupid and where all the stolen items are. I told you Sarah Booth was smart.

So off she goes to find hairy Cupid, the stolen jewelry, and find why Tinkie’s party was ruined.

“Bones and Arrows” is book number 16.5 in author Carolyn Haines’ terrific Sarah Booth Delaney Series. This is a novella and takes maybe an hour to read. It starts off where book 16 ends and it’s a good thing Ms. Haines wrote it because book 17, “Guru Bones” won’t be coming out for a couple of months and I needed my Sarah Booth fix. (“Guru Bones” can be pre-ordered which is exactly what I did a few weeks ago.)

Sarah Booth and Tinkie are great characters. I always compare them to Lucy and Ethel. They’re funny, witty, brave, capable of doing anything, and have their many flaws. They’re far from perfect which makes them very relatable to all women.

I’ve read all 16 books in this series including the few novellas. The stories are well thought out, filled with loads of Southern history, and has some pretty mean reoccurring bad guys. These books are not “fluff” novels, you can’t skim through them, not that you’d even want to.

There isn’t enough good things I can say about Carolyn and the Sarah Booth Book series. But don’t believe me. As of this posting “Bones and Arrows” is free to everyone. Just click on this link to find out how you can download it onto your phone, Kindle, tablet, or even read it on your computer. It would be best to start the series with book one but this novella is a good introduction to Sarah Booth and her friends without spoiling the earlier installments.

If you never read any of Carolyn’s books I urge you to download this one and then check out her newest series, “The Book of Beloved.” Ms. Haines is running a contest this month, February, 2017, where the winner will get a copy of it.

I’m a real fan of Carolyn Haines and all her novels and hope all book lovers will read the Sarah Booth Delaney Series.

To see other reviews of Carolyn’s books go to Carolyn’s section in my blog.





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