A new week means a new beginning for many people but in Hillside, Texas, a new week means another new murder in this small town community.

Bella Vita restaurant owner, Chef Filippo Guidi, is stabbed in his kitchen when bakery owner, Heather Shepherd and her best friend, Amy Givens, go there for lunch one day. According to their server, Charlie, the Chef was not alone in the kitchen. The chef’s wife, Carla Guidi, was in there and she and her husband were arguing about money.

Of course Heather and Amy start investigating the murder as consultants to the Hillside Police Department and have discovered some interesting facts. First of all the Guidi’s were not a happy couple and fought about many things. They even found out from Carla’s brother that the Chef had tried to harm his wife once. But Carla’s brother doesn’t look so innocent either. It appears that he’s been asking his sister for money and that was the reason for the argument when the Chef was murdered.

Making matters worse for Heather is an article that has come out in the Hillside Reporter saying that Heather is being unethical in her investigations. This upsets the donut maker more than she’d like to admit because it is also affecting her daughter Lily’s school life. The Hillside Police Department seems to believe the article too since they don’t want heather involved in the investigation of the Chef’s murder.

Finding a murderer is hard enough but Heather also has to retain her good reputation as well and it’s getting hard to do that with her arch enemy, Kate Laverne, feeding fake news to the newspaper. What is Heather going to do? Things are getting very complicated.

“Raspberry Coulis Murder” is the 38th installment of Susan Gillard”s hit donut hole mystery series. If you’re a fan of Heather, Amy, and all the other characters living in Hillside, Texas this book is not to be missed. It’s interesting to see how the community is changing their view about Heather just because of what the newspaper is saying about her.

Grab this wonderful new entry and enjoy yourself.

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“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”


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