Things have not been going well for Heather Shepherd lately. There’s been a rash of articles about her in the Hillside Reporter about her investigating tactics. The articles say that she is unprofessional and mean with the people she interviews. Well, that’s not at all like Heather who also runs her donut bakery, Donut Delights, in Hillside, Texas. She’s also a private investigator who the Hillside Police Department consults with when they need help. Heather is always polite with the people she speaks with and usually brings them a box of her yummy donuts. Who can resist a box of donuts?

Kate Laverne, Heather’s nemesis from when they both lived in New York, is behind all these vicious articles telling the reporter lots of lies. But Heather can’t worry about Kate right now because another murder has been committed in Hillside.

This week crime novelist, Grayson Stark was found dead in his home and it looked like he committed suicide. Heather last saw the author when he left her donut shop when he was stopped, by of all people, Kate Laverne! Kate started yelling at him and pushed him into the street where he was almost hit my a car.

Oh, something fishy is going on here. Grayson had no reason to kill himself and the detective on the case, Heather’s husband Ryan, isn’t buying the suicide angle either. Yes, Grayson did have a problem with depression but he was on medication for that but he also had problems with his father and brother. His brother edited Grayson’s books and they always argued.

And  let’s not forget Kate’s nasty run in with the novelist outside of Heather’s bakery. Something is afoot in Hillside and Heather and Amy Givens, her assistant in the bakery and in investigating, are determined to find out why the man was killed, because he certainly did not commit suicide.

“Creme Brulee Murder” is the 39th book in Susan Gillard’s must read donut hole mystery series. It’s fun and quirky and gets the readers involved in the lives of Heather and all her friends and family. I’ve been reading and reviewing this series for quite awhile and am always looking forward to the next installment. These books are a keeper for all cozy lovers. Make sure you don’t miss them.

To see other reviews of Susan’s books see Susan’s section on my blog.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”


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