Okay, clowns frighten me. I don’t like clowns, they creep me out. When I was five years old my dad and I were walking when a parade came by. Maybe it was some holiday, I don’t remember. Anyway, suddenly I saw a clown walking towards me and I started to cry. My dad tried to tell me not to be afraid and the clown tried to give me a lollipop. I loved candy but even that green lollipop didn’t stop my tears. The clown felt bad and gave my father a balloon to give to me for when he left. Clowns still frighten me and “Clown Moon” by Alex Jameson showed me how right I am about not liking or trusting these painted horrors.

The book follows brothers  Sam and Jake Asher as they  seek revenge on a killer clown who murdered their nephew. The clown is having a good time going on a killing spree and the public is battling down the hatches hoping that they and no one in their family spots a red nose because seeing a clown means a sure death.

The book drew me in and Sam is a good character especially if you need a hero. This is a thriller and not to be missed if you enjoy something like it. But, let me say this, I still do not like clowns and my mind will never change but the book is a good one.


2 thoughts on “Clown Moon by Alex Jameson

  1. Hi Sharon,
    i’m not afraid of Clowns, but i know many people who are afraid of them.😊
    The books sounds interesting! I’ll keep that in mind!
    Greetings from Germany sends you Melli


    1. Thanks for posting, Melli. Yeah, clowns do creep me out. I see nothing funny about them just something sinister and evil which is why this book got to me. I hope you get to read it. It was pretty good. Greetings from Brooklyn, NY where it’s cold and snowy today. 🙂


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