Robots have won the war against humans in just a few days and now the human race lives in despair and poverty. If they’re lucky, or really unlucky, they can make it to age 50. Many of them are put in prison for any infringement of the law like not bowing down to the Hu-Bots when they’re told to do so. But the human species never goes down without a good solid fight and even after ten years of the Hu-Bots ruling over them, humans are still determined to fight and get rid of the robots that man had created.

Six and Dubs are two teens who do whatever they can to get back at the robots including stealing a car from the Hu-Bot Elite Police. Soon the robots are after them, determined to kill the two teens. But Six and Dubs hide from the Hu-Bot Police and find a trusted friend in MikkyBo an Elite Hu-Bot Police Detective. Together they plan to somehow rid and reprogram the world of the robot tyrants so the world will be safe for humanity again.

“Humans, Bow Down” by James Patterson is a dystopian novel so I thought I’d enjoy it. I kind of didn’t care for it much. First of all it reads like a Young Adult book. I have nothing against YA I’m just not a fan of them.

In “Humans Bow Down” you have a teen girl, Six, who gets the best of adults and robots and knows more than they do too. Of the few adult figures in the book the closest one to Six is the Hu-Bot MikkyBo. At first MikkyBo is a strong adult character but eventually she ends up being almost child-like and acts younger than Six. The reasons for the change in the character is explained but I think the authors take the change too far.

I say authors because Patterson wrote this book with Emily Raymond and it’s illustrated by Alexander Ovchinnikov. Yes, there are pictures in the book. They’re nice but I have to wonder why an adult book needs a half page picture on every other page.

This is far from one of Patterson’s best stories. The novel ends too fast without really explaining how things occurred. I mean, how did the humans gain control over the robots? And worse yet, I think Patterson might be planning a sequel to “Humans Bow Down.” If that happens I doubt if I’ll read it.

“Humans Bow Down” is not a good science fiction book or a good dystopian novel. Not really worth the time to read.

Stick to Patterson’s earlier novels before he started writing with others.


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