Caught in Quicksand – A Film by Marty Novitsky and Uladzimir Taukachou

Caught in Quicksand – A Film by Marty Novitsky and Uladzimir Taukachou

There isn’t much I can say about this beautiful film that my cousin Marty Novitsky made along with the talented cinematographer Uladzimir Taukachou.

It’s filmed in Israel and it’s about the Dead Sea and what happened to Marty while he was visiting one year. Marty narrates it and tells the story on how when he was walking along the Sea, he got caught in quicksand. Only with the help of a minor miracle was he able to get out of the dire straits he found himself in.

Filled with beautiful film clips of the Dead Sea and New York City, Marty talks of his inspirations that lead him to help everyone he meets.

The video run about four minutes and is spectacular.


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Cousin Marty And His Inspirational Videos

Cousin Marty And His Inspirational Videos

I can honestly say that my cousin Marty is the most spiritual person I know. He’s a firm believer in God and prays to Him every single day. Marty doesn’t just pray for himself and his family but for all people. Followers of my blog know that I have a very good friend who has cancer and is not doing very well. Every time I speak to Marty, which is every day, he always asks me how my friend is doing and assures me that she is in his prayers. I know without a doubt that this is true.

Cousin Marty, like everyone I assume, has gone through a lot of things in his life. He fought and survived living in the Projects when he was a teen; survived being hit on the head by a tree branch after Hurricane Sandy; and survived after sinking in some quicksand while he was walking along the Dead Sea in Israel. He’s told me many of his adventures.

He’s also an award winning filmmaker, some of his videos I’ve posted on this blog. Every one of his films is inspirational, well, except for his Hat Man video which is really cute.

Marty believes in “paying it forward” so he does what he can to help whoever needs it. Marty, has received help from strangers too.

Here are two of his videos that he made hoping that they will inspire us to give hope and aid to people we know and especially to those we don’t.

In this first video, “Marty Miracles: Bus Driver”, Marty talks about a bus driver who helped him when he needed it.


“In Full Moon” Marty comments on human nature.


I hope these two videos help inspire you to do some good and to learn a little more about my Cousin Marty.

Please take a look at all of Marty’s videos and stories by going to Marty’s section in my blog.

The Joker Journal – A Video by Josh Venkataraman

The Joker Journal – A Video by Josh Venkataraman

Give me a good horror book or movie and I’m happy. I know I can defend myself when the Zombies come – and they are coming. Vampires don’t bother me one bit. I’ve read all of Stephen King’s books so I know how to slay a Vampire – Sharon The Vampire Slayer. Buffy watch out. Okay, ghosts do frighten me and I’d rather not deal with any ghostly disturbance. If my apartment ever told me to “Get Out” I’d run like heck.

Then there’s psychological horror. Dean Koontz taught me about this and I usually stay away from this type probably because it frightens me more than ghosts do.

Knowing my love for all things horror, a friend of mine sent me the link to the video, “The Joker Journal” by filmmaker Josh Venkataraman. It’s a representation of the month that actor Heath Ledger spent in a hotel room trying to discover “The Joker” within him. He would portray the character in the movie “The Dark Knight.”

John Corby plays Ledger and he does a nice job in showing what the actor was going through. As I was watching I wondered if Ledger might have had some kind of  psychological something or other going on. This is just what the film made me feel. I have no idea if this is true so please, no emails telling me how far off base I am.

There are few scenes that have some blood in it. Nothing terrible but be prepared if the thought of blood makes you weak kneed.

Josh Venkataraman created and directed this 16 minute film and it was directed by Sean Cutler.

Josh is only 22 years old and graduated from the University of Florida. The “Joker Journal” is his only horror film and has one other film called “I Art NY.” In it he interviews several different artists living in New York City. The film has been accepted to five film festivals and won for best documentary in one of them. I’ll be watching and reviewing “I Art NY” in the very near future.

Take a look at this really interesting and thought provoking film. It gives great insight in what actors, and really every creative individual goes through to be the best at their craft.

I’m still thinking about this film’s portrayal of Heath Ledger and wondering if “The Joker” was almost a part of him that he had to get out.





The Dead Sea and Cousin Marty – Video

The Dead Sea and Cousin Marty – Video

There’s a lot I can say about my Cousin Marty. He’s generous, thoughtful, cares for everyone, respects women, will go out of his way to help anyone even complete strangers, and Marty has had some interesting things that has happened to him during the course of his life.

A few months after Hurricane Sandy hit New York Marty was out walking in a park and a tree branch fell and hit him on his head. His head now has an indentation in it from the branch. Newspaper articles were written about the incident. Marty was determined that something like this would never happen to another person so he fought to get all those loose tree branches cut down.

But this is a story about what happened to him in Israel. He was walking along the Dead Sea like many others do. There was no one around in the desert when Marty was taking his stroll but he did find a tree branch that resembled a staff. For some reason he picked it up and resumed his trek.

Did you know that there’s quicksand by the Dead Sea? I didn’t until Marty told me how he stepped in some and started to sink. He was alone, the day was about to end, the tide was coming up and there’s my cousin with one leg in quicksand and the other leg on sturdy land. He couldn’t get out, he couldn’t move. He then realized that he was holding that tree branch that looked liked a staff and with its help he was able to pull himself out of the quicksand. Whenever he tells me this story he always says, “Sharon, without that staff that I happened to find in the desert you wouldn’t be talking to your Cousin Marty now.” Very true, Marty, very true.

Marty is a filmmaker and I’m very proud to say that his films have been up for awards at various film festivals. Here’s one he made about the Dead Sea. It only runs about five minutes and Marty gives a lot of information about this beautiful area. There’s also a picture of him with a tree. Not the same tree that held the branch that helped Marty get out of the quicksand but a tree near the Dead Sea.

To see other videos by Marty Novitsky see Marty’s section on my blog


A Night With a Stranger – Video by Marty Novitsky and Uladzimir Taukachou

A Night With a Stranger – Video by Marty Novitsky and Uladzimir Taukachou

I have to say that this is a beautiful video about a woman wondering around Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY with something bothering her. She meets a man who is a little older than her and ends up confiding in him.

When Marty Novitsky told me about it he said he and his film partner, Uladzimir Taukachou, wanted to show their respect for women.

“A Night With a Stranger” stars Titi Arewa and Marty Novitsky.

The film was nominated for an award at the Coney Island Film Festival 2016. Marty and Uladzimir were just notified that the film was accepted into the 2017 United Kingdom Screen One International Film Festival.

The fantastic aerial cinematography for the film was done by Uladzimir Taukachou. He wears many hats creating his films – Filmmaker, Director of Photography, Editor, Digital Video Production, Aerial, Cinematography, Post Production, Color Correction, Sound Design, Graphic Design, Streaming Media.

For a real treat please look at Uladzimir Taukachou’s website for other films and more of his incredible works.

To see other videos by Marty Novitsky see Marty’s section on my blog.



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Handball Hall of Fame – Morris Levitsky (Novitsky) – Award Winning Video by Martin Novitsky and Uladzimir Taukachou

Handball Hall of Fame – Morris Levitsky (Novitsky) – Award Winning Video by Martin Novitsky and Uladzimir Taukachou

This is a video that my cousin, Marty Novitsky, and his film partner, Uladzimir Taukachou, made about Marty’s uncle, Morris Levitsky (Novitsky). Morris Levtsky was the highest ranking handball referee in the country. Marty and Uladzimir created this video as a tribute to Morris and all the players in Brooklyn, NY who loved him.

To see other videos by Marty Novitsky see Marty’s section on my blog.