Champagne Cream & Murder-An Oceanside Cozy Mystery – Book 14 by Susan Gillard

Champagne Cream & Murder-An Oceanside Cozy Mystery – Book 14 by Susan Gillard

Happy New to all and to celebrate Heather Shepherd and her friends are invited to a New Year’s Eve Party at the Key West Town Hall. Police Chief Chet, Heather’s husband Ryan’s boss, wants all his detectives to attend so they can mingle with the town. Heather and her best friend, Amy Givens, will be supplying some of the treats namely their new Champagne Cream donut. The best way to celebrate the New Year is with some champagne even if it’s in name only. These treats are rated PG so everyone can enjoy them.

Chief Chet did tell Heather that a very important resident of the town, B.W. Shellingworth, will be there with his wife, Meg, son Ben, and Ben’s girlfriend Kelly. Ben is very allergic to nuts so Heather was very careful to watch all the ingredients she put into her donuts.

But as the clock struck midnight Kelly kissed Ben and he fell down not being able to breath. Kelly ran to get her purse where she had his medication but it was too late and Ben died. How could this have happened? There were no nuts in the food. Upon investigating, traces of nuts were found on the lipstick that Kelly had specially made for herself. Did Kelly want to kill Ben for some reason and thought the best way to do it was to hide traces of nuts on her lipstick? Ben’s father, B. W. Shellingworth thinks that’s exactly what happened and insists that Kelly be arrested for murder.

All this does not feel right to Heather so she and Amy do their own investigation to find out what really happened. They find quite a few suspects of their own including Ben’s old girlfriend who wanted Ben back and a business rival of C. W.’s. Heather also thinks that Kelly just might be the murderer since no one was able to get a hold of Kelly’s lipstick tube except for Kelly but more investigating will have to be done.

“Champagne Cream & Murder” is the 14th installment in author Susan Gillard’s cute Oceanside Cozy series. There’s a nice little twist in this story that helps Heather solve the crime.

Like all the rest of Ms. Gillard’s books this novel, like Heather’s donuts, are rated PG so everyone can enjoy it. The whole series is fast paced and filled with fun, plenty of love and lots of donuts. Always a good choice to read to celebrate any holiday or a day of relaxation.


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Eggnog Cream & Murder: An Oceanside Cozy Mystery – Book 12 By Susan Gillard

Eggnog Cream & Murder: An Oceanside Cozy Mystery – Book 12  By Susan Gillard

Christmas is swiftly approaching Oceanside, Florida and a secret Santa is giving out gifts to some members of the community. No one knows who he is but the gifts are wonderful except for the gift given to grouchy old Ben Grimes. Ben received a set of candlesticks but there was poison on them so when he cut his hand on the sticks’ sharper areas the poison got into his bloodstream and killed him.

Heather Shepherd and her best friend, Amy Givens, were asked to help solve the murder because of their P.I. status. The dynamic duo has a lot of suspects to deal with.

Ben Grimes was not a likable man. During this Holiday Season he was basically a Scrooge. No one cared him especially his neighbors. The house on one side of him couldn’t even be rented because he made life so miserable for anyone who dared to live there. The home on the other side of him was inhabited by Mrs. Kurtshed who did her level best to ignore her neighbor.

But someone offed Mr. Grimes so Heather and Amy go to the Key West Key News office to speak with reporter, Hope Penwell, who was writing articles about the Secret Santa. Hope agreed to let the P.I.s see all the information she gathered.

Things start to get scary when Santa gives a gift to Heather, a pair of slippers that she asked for in her donut shop. Who would be listening to her conversation about what she wanted for Christmas except for all the customers who were eating there?

After investigating some more Heather discovered that everyone who received a gift from Santa received the gift that they wished for. The card that came with the gift was lovely but had squiggly lines on them which was really a map leading to where they would be when they received their gift.

Okay, this was getting strange. Who killed Ben Grimes? Was it the Secret Santa; was it one of Mr. Grimes’ many haters; was it the woman who owned the dog that Ben Grimes bit when the the dog walked on his lawn; was it his next door neighbor; was it a reporter; was it one of Heather’s donut loving fans who visited her donut shop every day? No one knows at this point but the murder will soon be solved because Heater and Amy are on the case with a yummy donut in each hand,

“Eggnog Cream & Murder” is the 12th book in the Oceanside Cozy Mystery Series by Susan Gillard and it’s a good story with the Christmas/Holiday Season approaching.

This series is rated PG so the whole family can indulge in a good mystery. The characters are all likeable and friendly, except for the murderer of course, and reading the books will always make you yen for a donut.

So snuggle up in front of a fire with some hot chocolate and a donut and enjoy this new installment to this fantastic series.

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Spiced Maple & Murder: An Oceanside Cozy Mystery – Book 11 by Susan Gillard

Spiced Maple & Murder: An Oceanside Cozy Mystery – Book 11  by Susan Gillard

Amy Givens is kind of tired of just helping Heather Shepherd in the donut shop and helping to solve murders. She’s a little restless and wants to do something for herself. Being a great best friend, Heather agree to help Amy find her true calling with the help of some yummy donuts.

Amy always liked art and drawing so she found an art studio where she could draw and do some sculpturing. The owner, Kendall Dakwa, seems like a nice woman and Amy hopes that Kendall can be her mentor.

A fight between two artists breaks out at the studio each accusing the other of stealing material they needed to make a sculpture. One of the artists, Tricia Mollins has to look for another item to use as s her sculpture so Kendall agrees to keep the studio open for her to continue working once she finds something she can use. But the next day Tricia is found murdered in the art studio. She was impaled on the top of a Christmas tree sculptor. Some was strong enough to throw her on to it and kill her but who? Could it be Ray, the man she was arguing with earlier in the day or possibly Kendall. Kendall was supposed to meet Amy the night of the murder and never showed up.

Now Heather and Amy are helping to investigate and readers of this series know that these two P.I.’s always find the bad guy.

“Spiced Maple & Murder” is the eleventh in author Susan Gillard’s Oceanside Cozy series. Like all the others it’s a fun, easy read filled with lots of action and love between all the characters. Another book not to be missed.

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Peaches and Cream Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy – Book 41 by Susan Gillard

Peaches and Cream Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy – Book 41 by Susan Gillard

Heather Shepherd and her baking assistants from her popular bakery, Donut Delights finally got home after their vacation in Florida. All of Hillside, Texas is happy to have the bakery open again so they can once again dine on Heather’s donut delights. No one is happier than long time client Eva Schneider who has brought her friend Carly LaFonte.

Carly is not in a good mood and Eva explains that Carly has lost her  favorite sterling silver necklace. But Eva’s friend is not a nice person and even Eva says that she doesn’t trust her.

But before Heather can think much about mean Carly her husband, Police Detective Ryan Shepherd, calls and tells Heather that yet another murder has taken place in their home town. This time the victim is Shane Price who owns the Tourism Depot. Heather leaves for the store to investigate the murder as she is hired by the Hillside Police Department to work with them as a consultant.

There is a broken window at the back of the store and Heather thinks that this might be the place where the murderer entered but Ryan tells her that the spray pattern of the glass proves otherwise. He also believes that the crime scene was tampered with because there is no evidence at all. It’s almost as if the killer cleaned up after himself.

Shane’s wife and ex beauty queen, Hannah, is on the suspect list because she doesn’t seem all that upset over the death of her husband, is more concerned about his will, and she had a quick alibi for the time he was killed.

Tristan Turner, who worked for Shane and found his body, is also on the suspect list as is another of Shane’s employees, Jean LaFonte, who supposedly had been having an affair with Shane. Making things more interesting is that Jean is also the granddaughter of Eva’s friend, Carly.

Heather and her friend, Amy Givens, investigates and finds out a few things. Shane and Tristan argued all the time; others also believe that Jean was having an affair with her Shane; and Carly is getting very defensive about her granddaughter and is loudly warning Heather to stay away from Jean.

So many suspects but Heather and Amy will help the Hillside Police find the killer while still creating some luscious donuts in their free time.

“Peaches and Cream Murder” by Susan Gillard is the 41st installment of her Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series and of course it’s another good one. All the usual characters are present and accounted for and ready to help Heather in any way possible.

This is a cute series and each book can be read in a day. The murders are interesting and easy to follow. No wonder Ms. Gillard has such a huge fan base. Yet another Donut Hole Mystery not to be missed.

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Kiwi Lime Surprise Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy – Book 40 (Donut Hole Cozy Mystery) by Susan Gillard

Kiwi Lime Surprise Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy – Book 40 (Donut Hole Cozy Mystery) by Susan Gillard

Everybody needs a vacation every so often and Heather Shepherd surprises her baking assistants with a vacation after all their hard work baking donuts. Off they went from Hillside, Texas to sunny Key West, Florida to swim, sail, eat a lot, have lots of fun, and maybe think of some new kinds of donuts to bake.

Florida is one steamy state but Heather and her assistants are used to the heat in Texas but Florida’s weather seems to be worse. So one night Heather leaves her hotel room to get a breath of steamy air when what does she find but a dead body. No matter where she goes there’s always a murder that she needs to investigate.

This victim is a woman lying beside a pool with blue-gray jelly blobs next to her. The woman,  Daphne Wilder, is a waitress from the hotel and it looks like the murder weapon of choice was jellyfish. She went into anaphylactic shock after being stung several times. But how did these potentially deadly jellyfish get to the pool? Obvious someone wanted Daphne dead. But who and why?

Key West police Detective Smith is sure that he and his department can solve this murder without Heather and her her assistant Amy Givens’ help but Heather and Amy aren’t so sure about that. Heather has been working with the Hillside Police Department for quite some time helping to solve murders there and she knows that she can help Detective Smith. After all, Heather is really good at finding bad guys. She’s also a witness of sorts in this murder because she’s noticed a dangerous looking strange man hanging around the hotel.

Even though the detective doesn’t want Heather’s help that isn’t going to stop her from investigating just the same. She’s already discovered where the jellyfish came from and has even found a suspect or two. Nothing will stop Heather until she finds out who the killer is.

“Kiwi Lime Surprise Murder” is the 40th book in author Susan Gillard’s Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series and of course it’s another winner. Like all the previous installments it’s chock full of fun and likable characters. The story line is short and sweet and easy to follow. Another good book to hunker down with on a snowy cold winter’s day and read about Florida, a good murder mystery, and a new yummy donut.

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Creme Brulee Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 39 by Susan Gillard

Creme Brulee Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 39 by Susan Gillard

Things have not been going well for Heather Shepherd lately. There’s been a rash of articles about her in the Hillside Reporter about her investigating tactics. The articles say that she is unprofessional and mean with the people she interviews. Well, that’s not at all like Heather who also runs her donut bakery, Donut Delights, in Hillside, Texas. She’s also a private investigator who the Hillside Police Department consults with when they need help. Heather is always polite with the people she speaks with and usually brings them a box of her yummy donuts. Who can resist a box of donuts?

Kate Laverne, Heather’s nemesis from when they both lived in New York, is behind all these vicious articles telling the reporter lots of lies. But Heather can’t worry about Kate right now because another murder has been committed in Hillside.

This week crime novelist, Grayson Stark was found dead in his home and it looked like he committed suicide. Heather last saw the author when he left her donut shop when he was stopped, by of all people, Kate Laverne! Kate started yelling at him and pushed him into the street where he was almost hit my a car.

Oh, something fishy is going on here. Grayson had no reason to kill himself and the detective on the case, Heather’s husband Ryan, isn’t buying the suicide angle either. Yes, Grayson did have a problem with depression but he was on medication for that but he also had problems with his father and brother. His brother edited Grayson’s books and they always argued.

And  let’s not forget Kate’s nasty run in with the novelist outside of Heather’s bakery. Something is afoot in Hillside and Heather and Amy Givens, her assistant in the bakery and in investigating, are determined to find out why the man was killed, because he certainly did not commit suicide.

“Creme Brulee Murder” is the 39th book in Susan Gillard’s must read donut hole mystery series. It’s fun and quirky and gets the readers involved in the lives of Heather and all her friends and family. I’ve been reading and reviewing this series for quite awhile and am always looking forward to the next installment. These books are a keeper for all cozy lovers. Make sure you don’t miss them.

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“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”

Raspberry Coulis Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 38 by Susan Gillard

Raspberry Coulis Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 38 by Susan Gillard

A new week means a new beginning for many people but in Hillside, Texas, a new week means another new murder in this small town community.

Bella Vita restaurant owner, Chef Filippo Guidi, is stabbed in his kitchen when bakery owner, Heather Shepherd and her best friend, Amy Givens, go there for lunch one day. According to their server, Charlie, the Chef was not alone in the kitchen. The chef’s wife, Carla Guidi, was in there and she and her husband were arguing about money.

Of course Heather and Amy start investigating the murder as consultants to the Hillside Police Department and have discovered some interesting facts. First of all the Guidi’s were not a happy couple and fought about many things. They even found out from Carla’s brother that the Chef had tried to harm his wife once. But Carla’s brother doesn’t look so innocent either. It appears that he’s been asking his sister for money and that was the reason for the argument when the Chef was murdered.

Making matters worse for Heather is an article that has come out in the Hillside Reporter saying that Heather is being unethical in her investigations. This upsets the donut maker more than she’d like to admit because it is also affecting her daughter Lily’s school life. The Hillside Police Department seems to believe the article too since they don’t want heather involved in the investigation of the Chef’s murder.

Finding a murderer is hard enough but Heather also has to retain her good reputation as well and it’s getting hard to do that with her arch enemy, Kate Laverne, feeding fake news to the newspaper. What is Heather going to do? Things are getting very complicated.

“Raspberry Coulis Murder” is the 38th installment of Susan Gillard”s hit donut hole mystery series. If you’re a fan of Heather, Amy, and all the other characters living in Hillside, Texas this book is not to be missed. It’s interesting to see how the community is changing their view about Heather just because of what the newspaper is saying about her.

Grab this wonderful new entry and enjoy yourself.

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“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”