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Theodosia Browning, owner of the Indigo Tea Shop in Charleston, South Carolina is after some jewelry robbers in the 17th installment of this series by author, Laura Childs.

During a high class show at Heart’s Desire Jewelry, thieves ram the store window with their car, steal the very expensive gems, and take off leaving Theo, Brooke who owns of the jewelry store, and other guests visibly shaken and terrified. Worse yet, Brooke’s niece was killed by a shard of glass making the incident a murder case too.

Brooke pleads with Theo to help find the thieves/murderers and put them where they belong, in jail. Theo isn’t thrilled to get involved with another crime but she can’t turn down her good friend.

Before Theo knows it the FBI becomes involved and they think that the crime was executed by international jewelry thieves but Theo doesn’t believe that. She’s been investigating, of course, and has some questions about a few people living in the community. Any one of them could be the jewel thief even the friends of the people who work in her tea shop. There seems to be evidence to prove any of them stole the gems and killed Brooke’s niece. But who, and why? This not going to be an easy case to solve.

Author Laura Childs of “Devonshire Scream” gives her fans another terrific cozy in this marvelous series. The action starts right away and doesn’t stop until the book ends with a real heart thumping rescue. Okay. I’ll admit it, I actually skipped words as I was reading the final scenes because of the excitement. I felt that if I stopped I’d miss something.

Theo appears to be a proper, gently southern lady selling tea and scones in her shop but we know that there’s a lot of spice to her character. She’s not afraid of any one, well, she might be but would never admit it out loud. She stares down the best of them at any time. A great character to admire.

To say that I really enjoy this series would be an understatement. In fact, I enjoy all of Laura Childs’ series. I’ve been reading them for years. Laura has a unique way of writing that really pulls readers into her books.

Set in South Carolina readers might feel that life is slow but once you read even one book in this series you’ll realize how wrong you are.

Cozy up with some tea and a scone yourself and read “Devonshire Scream.” Just be warned that you might be up all night. But that’s what makes a book great.

Recipes and tea time tips included.

Hardcover, 320 pages
Expected publication: March 1st 2016 by Berkley
ISBN 0425281663 (ISBN13: 9780425281666)
Edition Language English
Series A Tea Shop Mystery #17


Want to win a copy of this book? Just post here and tell me why you like Laura Childs and her books or why you’d like to start reading them. When you post your comment make sure to add your email address so I can contact the winners. Laura will be sending out a copy of “Devonshire Scream” to two lucky winners. She will also autograph them for you. The winners will be chosen on the afternoon of Friday, March 4. If you don’t see your post at first that’s because it has to be approved before it’s published so just give it a little time to appear. You only need to post once.

Please, just people in the US since Laura will be sending the book to you.

Good luck everyone!


20 thoughts on “Giveaway and Review of Devonshire Scream By Laura Childs

  1. I love Theo and her Teashop. I enjoy her friends and how they become embroiled in murder! Being in a beautiful city i have always wanted to visit helps. Tea and murder what a duo.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have always loved the Tea Shop mysteries. Everything from the tea tidbits and nibbles to the Charleston setting to the characters, especially Drayton and Earl Grey, keep me reading year after year. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sharon! You’ve peaked my interest in a new author to add to my nightly reading. I like books that make me stop what I’m doing and go read.. On my way to the library to check this lady out!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have read Laura Childs since the first book in each series. I have vacationed in both Charleston and New Orleans and can see the areas as she writes about them. Thanks for the chance to win.

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  5. I love this series. I can just picture Charleston when I read these books. It is a perfect setting for a tea shop mystery. Can’t wait to read Laura Childs lastest book in this series.


  6. I love this series. I can just picture Charleston in the pages of her books. Charleston is a perfect setting for a tea shop mystery series. Can’t wait to read the latest book in the series.

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  7. This is one of my favorite series, I can’ wait to catch up with Theodosia and Drayton! Thanks so much for the giveaway, especially autographed! What fun!


  8. Sharon, this particular book sounds like an extremely interesting cozy! I would love to win this book because first I would love to read Laura Child’s work, due to your wonderful review. I am intrigued also to find out who did this crime and love the setting in what sounds like a charming area of South Carolina. Thank you for this fabulous chance to win a signed copy by the author!


  9. How I would love to work at the Indigo Tea Shop! I could happily wait tables while Drayton makes the tea and Haley prepares the tea treats. I have read the entire collection as it is published. I haven’t ordered the newest edition, so I would love a signed copy. Sips and Smiles,

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